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XY Runner

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

I absolutely adore this horse! He's been super easy to restart, quiet, athletic, and zero drama. XY Runner, who we lovingly call Piglet, is a 2014 15.3 OTTB gelding. This guy is as quiet and easy as they come, suitable as a first restart, young junior and ammy friendly. He could be brought along by an amateur in a lesson program, he's not one that would require professional rides. He is more of a push/kick ride on the flat and one that a rider can sit quiet on while jumping. Even though he's green, he will jump quietly from any distance, even on the buckle (see video below of his first time jumping). He has taken very quickly to jumping, showing plenty of scope and pricks his ears when you point him at something. He will quietly canter away from a jump on the buckle and slow right down to a trot. When I dropped the reins, he stopped. This one is extremely trustworthy! He is a nice enough mover to get a piece of the hack and should do just as well in the over fences classes with his tidy correct jump. He has offered his changes but I do not usually ask for them without doing more flatwork. He will be the type to give you auto changes immediately as he really tries to please. He is not spooky, stands quietly at the mounting block, cross ties, turns out, etc., without fuss. He is sound and has extremely clean legs, only pin firing marks. He is a cribber at feeding time but is controlled with a collar. He has not cribbed outside without a collar. Located in Flushing Michigan. Mid four figures.

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