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Try’N Smart’N Up

Try’N Smart’N Up is a 2016 16.2h big bodied OTTB gelding. This handsome dude has been breeder owned and trained for his entire career. Smarty is blind in his right eye, cataracts, but has been this way since he was a foal. This should not limit him in his abilities. He doesn’t know life any differently, he’s not spooky and he’s not nervous. He is incredibly classy and a joy

to ride, the exercise riders used to fight over who took him out for the day. When I picked him up from his breeder’s farm I was told that I could take him home and ride him that day, mind you, this horse hasn’t been doing anything since he last raced, at the close of the 2021 meet. Smarty was incredibly classy for his first ride and I can see why he was a rider favorite at the track. He has three fabulous gaits, a super soft mouth, rides uphill, is easy to put together, and is no nonsense. This horse is an amateur/junior‘s dream. He has one of those Cadillac canters that you could ride all day. He has enough of an engine that he isn’t considered a spur/stick ride, but he isn’t a forward horse. He has a stellar temperament and would be the type that’s suitable for a lesson program with very few miles. He is extremely easy to do in all respects, stands in the cross ties, stands for vet/farrier, and loads/hauls without issue. He is currently barefoot. Smarty is sound with no vices. RRP eligible. Located in Flushing Michigan. Mid fours

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