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Time Altering

Time Altering is a 2019 (just recently turned 3) OTTB filly. She currently sticks at 15.2h but I expect her to fill out quite a bit since she is a bit physically immature, as are all recently turned 3 years olds. I'm quite partial to smaller bay mares as my best horse I've ever owned, as an inexperienced junior, was a 15.2h plain bay mare who took me around numerous advanced event courses, was competitive at PSG, and competed in mini prixs. I learned at a very young age that heart, brains, and athletic ability are the most important factors in choosing a sport horse. That is the exact reason why I loaded this incredibly cute filly on my trailer, she was super sweet with a fantastic brain, very well balanced, and very sporty. Her connections at the track started calling her Tinkerbell because she's a pint sized princess and I've shortened it to Tink. Tink is very quiet and straightforward under saddle, and extremely easy to handle. No funny business and no naughty behavior, think wise beyond her years. She very much wants to please, even if she doesn't understand exactly what's being asked of her as she always puts her best foot forward and gives 110%. I expected her to be athletic going through the jump chute, but even I was surprised with how talented she was, think Teddy O'Connor/Hickstead type. She confidently went through the chute, then stood and waited for the next bit of instruction. While she is extremely ammy friendly, I do recommend her to at least be in a lesson program since she is young and green. Tink hacks out quietly as well. She is sound with no vices. Her only blemish is a small bump and scar on the lateral (outside) of her RF cannon bone. It is cold, hard, non reactive, and causes no issues or limitations. Located in Flushing, MI. RRP eligible. Mid four figures

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