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Show King

Show King is a 2011, 17h OTTB gelding. This guy is as classy as they come! King was an allowance flat racing horse at the start of his career and later became a steeplechaser. He was bought back by his flat racing connections that raised and broke him as a baby. He has been a barn, rider, and trainer favorite throughout his career. Everything about King has been done the right way. King has three fabulous gaits, a big ground covering walk, a fancy trot, uphill canter, and a ground covering gallop that is easy enough to control with your pinky finger. This horse is very easy to put together on the flat with a super soft, buttery mouth. You do not need rein pressure to keep this horse in the contact, he moves off of your seat and legs. You will not meet a more enjoyable horse to jump with the feeling of endless scope. He is the type you can loop the rein to and leave him on auto-pilot to find his distance. He doesn't snatch the reins to the jump and will stay in whatever gear you've asked for. This horse is a XC machine, if you can get his ears between the flags you will be jumping the fence. Want to gallop up to a 4' hedge on a horse that won't bat an eye? King is your horse. He is extremely confident and passes that along to his rider. King is forward thinking but does all three phases in a snaffle. You can ask him to open up and really gallop and he will very politely come back to you. King is sound with super clean legs and no known injuries. He doesn't have any vices. This is another horse that his racing connections would love occasional updates on as well. Low fives. Located in Flushing, Michigan.

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