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Paddy All Day

Paddy All Day is a 2016 17h OTTB gelding. This big, solid, handsome dude is an absolute pleasure to ride and would love to be your next working hunter. He has a big ground covering walk, flat kneed trot, and a slow across the ground canter with a big step. He moves off of your leg easily, but is not a forward ride. He is very happy to stretch down and forward into your contact on a long rein. We sent Paddy through the jump chute and he has a text book jump, scope for days, and tidy even knees. Paddy has a sweet and goofy personality, he will keep you entertained for hours with his jolly ball. There isn't anything he wouldnt do for a mint. Paddy has spent the majority of his life with the same connections, only five of his races were with a different trainer and then he was claimed back by his exercise rider than has galloped him since he was two years old. Its safe to say that Paddy is a barn and rider favorite.

Paddy is sound with no known injuries. He is currently barefoot but will be getting shoes so that the sand footing doesnt wear down too much of his hoof. Paddy does have a small nasal atheroma which is an epidermal inclusion cyst. These are not painful, do not obstruct their airway, and do not cause any breathing noises-he scopes clean. This has also remained the same size since he's been with his two year old connections. These can be removed for cosmetic reasons by injecting them with formalin if someone wanted it removed, but it no way shape or form inhibits his ability or airway. Think of it as a big pimple. Paddy has no vices. He is RRP eligible and suitable for a junior or amateur in program to continue his education. Located in Flushing Michigan. Low five figures.

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