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Lilbit Blue

Lilbit Blue is a 2017 16h big bodied OTTB mare. Blue comes from a mare that has produced UL event horses and steeplechase horses, the type that will gallop up to a big jump very confidently. These offspring are definitely stamped by their dam, good looking, correct, intelligent, and sound horses that will hold up to a strenuous job. This mare is absolutely stunning! She is extremely intelligent, bold, and athletic. With that being said, she is best suited to professional program with a confident educated rider. She is a forward ride but goes softly in a snaffle with plenty of brakes. She is not naughty but is more horse than your kick rides. She wants to work eight days a week and really enjoys having a job where she is taught something new. Blue thrives off of consistency. She has three quality gaits and a very natural, easy jump. She naturally wants to work over her back and stay into your hand. She has clean tight legs and good feet. No vices. She is RRP eligible. Located in Flushing, Michigan. Mid four figures

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