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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Every year I manage to find a plain bay mare with a big round eye, that is a fabulous mover, super athletic, has a temperament to die for, and I enter them as my RRP partner. Leota Pass, who is now running training level eventing with her YR owner, and Gladiator Miss, who is schooling and showing 3’+ with her junior owner were my 2018 and 2019 picks. Kokedera reminds me very much of these two fabulous mares. She is a 2017 model, currently 15.3h, and is a very lovely type. Koko is extremely quiet, kind, and sweet. She would do very well with an amateur or junior in a program, and is quiet enough to be someone’s first restart. Koko has three expressive and lofty gaits, a very fancy trot, and a lovely ground covering canter that produces a great jump. She will have no problems meeting distances Koko naturally wants to use her back and come into a light contact. She has a very soft mouth. She has been lightly restarted, and the canter video is of her first post track ride. This mare has all of the pieces to make someone an UL mount. Koko does have one vice, she will crib on her feed bucket during meals if you leave her without a cribbing strap. When she is not eating she does not do it, nor does she when wearing a cribbing collar. Please pm for more information. Koko is very firmly priced in the mid to high four figures.

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