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His Boy Elroy

His Boy Elroy is a 2017, 16.1 h OTTB gelding that immediately caught my eye with his pretty face, lovely neck attachment, uphill build, and overall sporty build. I have to admit I giggled a little when repeating his name as it brought back memories of watching The Jetsons when I was a kid. His breeder was definitely creative when naming him. Elroy is quite the fancy mover, those that love my Banana take note. He has a very uphill way of going and was very easy to put together for his first post track merely by riding him forward off of your leg. He was very quick to catch on to moving forward off the leg and into my hand to stay light in the contact. He immediately figured this out and was happy to stay light and balanced throughout his ride. He will be very easy to bring along on the flat as he is naturally very balanced and light. We sent Elroy through the jump chute and he had very tidy square knees with a lovely bascule. He could be competitive in dressage, but also a great jump to be competitive in eventing. He is quiet to handle on the ground and work on. He is green but straightforward under saddle and would thrive in a program to further his education. He is sound with clean legs and no known injuries. He does crib but it is completely controlled with a collar. He is RRP eligible. Located in Flushing Michigan. Priced in the high four figures.

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