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Fifty Plus

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Fifty Plus is a 2014 16h OTTB gelding. If you're looking for a horse that will always have you leaving the barn with a smile on your face, Fifty is your guy. This guy has a great work ethic, but has an even better sense of humor. He would definitely earn the label of class clown. There is nothing naughty about him, he's very comfortable in his own skin, but he finds traditional 'spooky' things to be an opportunity to make a joke. Plastic bags aren't going to spook him, they look like a jolly ball and he will try to take it and throw it for you. Fifty is straightforward on the flat and easy to put together. We sent him through the jump chute and he has a fabulous jump with tidy square knees. This guy has plenty of step in his big canter and will find the distances easy. Have you ridden horses with tricky lead changes? Fifty has super easy changes, just show him which direction you're going and he will give them. He is very ammy friendly and was galloped by his owner while at the track. This guy is easy to do in all respects, farrier, vet, hauling, and so forth. He is sound with no vices. He does have two scars that are purely cosmetic and limit him in no way. One is from a spider bite and the other is from laceration from fencing when he was young. He is RRP eligible. Located in Flushing, Michigan. Mid four figures.

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