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Fast Punchnrichie

Fast Punchnrichie is a 2013 16.2+h big bodied gelding. This handsome guy is an absolute blast to ride. He has three uphill, smooth gaits. Ritchie is very light in the bridle, and easy to keep in the contact. This is one that you could gallop with just a finger. He is extremely easy to ride off of just your seat and leg. when You close your leg, he stands up into the contact and stays extremely light in your hand. He is very amateur friendly and is suitable to be brought along in a light program. Ritchie is green, but a very honest, easy type. He hasn't done much jumping, but he stays very straight, before and after the jumps, and very rhymical to the jumps. He has a big step but isn't the type to rush a jump. He has a lovely pedigree for sport and could go in any direction. Ritchie was retired from racing and let down by his connections. They have decided to get out of the horse business due to health concerns and are offering up Ritchie. He is sound with no vices. Please pm for more information. Priced in the high four figures.

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