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Cray Cray

Cray Cray is a 2017 16.2h big bodied OTTB gelding. I met this in 2020 and have anxiously awaited his retirement from racing. You cannot help but immediately notice his massive shoulder and big engine. I had a gut feeling that this horse would jump a really big jump based on his conformation and he didnt disappoint. We ran out of holes in our jump standards when we sent him through the chute. He's extremely brave and careful over the jumps. Cray has a lovely bascule with a great front end. Cray has been restarted classically. He is starting his lateral work on the flat and is a horse that thrives off of being challenged with anything new. He has a wonderful work ethic and never quits. If he could work eight days a week he would. He thrives off of consistency, is eager to please, and always tries for his rider. This is a horse that is always going to continue to try, one that will find the fifth leg when tired. He has three quality gaits, but his canter is fantastic and something you could ride all day long. Cray has been XC schooling, he actually went for his first post track ride, and was a machine. He is extremely brave, jumping all of the questions; water, ditches, banks, cabins, and all of the straightforward things. Cray is best suited for a good riding young rider or young professional looking for a horse with the potential to take them up through the levels. He hacks out alone or in company. Cray is sound with no vices and no known injuries. Located in Flushing, Michigan. Low five figures

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