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Craigville Beach

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Craigville Beach is a 2016 16h OTTB gelding. Craiggy is another one that has been with his breeder through his entire racing racing career. The temperament on this horse is absolutely stellar and he was a trainer favorite at the track. He is stunning and has all the right pieces. I love how his neck attaches to his shoulder as it just allows him to naturally want to stay soft and light out to your hand. I was told that Craiggy was quiet enough to be turned into a pony horse at the track. I always love when I'm told that because pony horses need to be extremely level headed, and Craiggy is just that. He is extremely amateur friendly and is definitely more of a leg ride. He is laid back and obedient, not willing to put a foot wrong. He would make a lovely hunter and is quiet enough to fox hunt. We sent Craiggy through the jump chute and he has a super lovely jump with tidy square knees. I know there is plenty of scope for this horse to compete in the bigger classes. On his first day of turnout, I put him in the indoor due to super mucky footing outside, Craiggy jumped the 4'9 boards at the end of my indoor to allow himself to graze in the adjoining pasture. He is perfectly well behaved in turnout and has not tested the fencing, with or without hot wire. He does have a large splint on his LF that has been freeze fired. Current radiographs are availble. The splint is nothing more than a blemish and will not limit his career in any way. He is sound with no vices. High fours. RRP eligible. Located in Flushing Michigan. Please pm for more information.

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