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Black Tie Event

Sometimes horses JC names are a very good indication of who and what type of horse they are. Black Tie Event is one of them, nothing but class, a pleasure to ride and be around. This horse is extremely ammy friendly and would be appropriate as a first restart for some with a trainer to help guide them through the process. Black Tie Event is a 2013 16 1/2h big bodied OTTB gelding. I have said it repeatedly, but there is absolutely nothing better than a tried and true warhorse. They love having a job, are usually very level headed, eager to please, phenomenal work ethic, and sound. This guy fits every detail of your warhorse description and had me smiling from ear to ear in his first post track ride. He has been let down since he finished racing last year. He is the type that stands quietly in the cross ties, good to be saddled, and hop on. No prep required for this guy, hop on and go to work. He is slightly more woah than go witho0ut being lazy. He will happily stretch down in your contact while holding the buckle, or he'll collect up in shorter contact. He is soft in the mouth and very obedient. They don't get much classier than this guy. He did not put a foot wrong and did everything asked of him on the first try. If you're looking for a horse that is going to come out every ride, be obedient and easy, this is your guy. He is sound with no known injuries or vices. Located in Flushing Michigan. Mid fours

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