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American Tzar

I'm not sure where I should even begin with this classy, drop dead gorgeous guy! Tzar is absolutely one of a kind and unlike any other TB that has stepped through my barn. He is a stunning 2014 16.1h ridgling with textbook perfect conformation, covered in chrome and dapples, incredibly classy to ride, sweet disposition, and as sound as they come without a pimple on him. Tzar udeniably commands everyone's attention and turns heads everywhere he goes. He has three uphill and elastic gaits with a canter that can't be beat. He is extremely rideable with an uphill way of going, and as light as they come in the contact. All three gaits are very easy to sit and he will never pull on the contact. This is a horse you can float the rein to and he will stay soft with every step. The first day I introduced lateral work, he took right to it and had a very respectable shoulder-in and leg yield. He is the type to take every training hurdle in stride and give his best effort. Tzar is jumping small courses with a change. He jumps a 10 every single time, knees to nose type. He is brave, honest, and extremely rideable jumping. Tzar is the type that anyone would love to have in their barn, and anyone with a basic understanding of the seat, leg, and hand can ride as he allows you to be more of a passenger despite being a greener type. Even though he's intact, he is exceptionally well behaved and very easy to manage. He currently lives in a barn with mares, geldings, and other stallions. Tzar is easy in every respect and has always been a barn favorite dating back to being a foal. 5* home willing to give occasional updates is an absolute must! He has no vices and is very sweet. If someone is interested in making him available for breeding, I have a handle of quality warmblood mares from clients that would like to breed to him. Frozen semen can be made availble for this. The option to castrate him before delivery can also be made available. Please pm with any additional questions. He is firmly in the low 5's, located in Flushing, MI.

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