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A Marked Man

Updated: Jan 11

A Marked Man is a 2011 17.1h OTTB gelding. If you love horses with a warmblood build but don’t want to give up the heart, temperament, soundness, and generosity of the thoroughbreds, this guy is your unicorn! Marky Mark is the type you could swoon over all day long. He was his trainer’s favorite horse and has been immaculately taken care of. He is solidly built and wears a size 3 shoe (if I didn’t make it clear before that this horse is big). Mark has been restarted classically on the basics. He rides very uphill and finds collection easy. Mark is learning shoulder-in, leg yield, and medium within his gaits, as well as stretching out and over his back. He hacks out and was used as a pony horse on the track. He is RRP eligible and I would love to see someone take him. He retired sound and has no vices. Located in Flushing, Michigan. Priced in the mid four figures.

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